Clients who use our platform – whether for their internal transcription department, or by outsourcing to the DTS transcription team, can realize productivity gains of over 25% with our state-of-the-art technology. We realize as demands and critical deadlines increase, hospitals and clinics struggle to compete in today’s competitive markets, yet they are still expected to deliver superior results and profitability, even as budgets continue to tighten and decline.


 Quality Standards and Financially Guaranteed Results

 Turnaround Times and Financially Guaranteed Results

 State-of-the-Art Voice Capture

 Stringent HIPAA Compliance

 Unsurpassed Speech Recognition Technology

 The BEST Support Team and On-Call After Hours Team in the Industry

 Full Outsource, Partial Outsource, Voice Only Service


Voice Only Service: Clients utilize the DTS Voice Only Service for internal transcription departments to boost superior productivity gains with crystal clear sound and immediate access to work in order of priority. Clients customize the order of workflow to appear for transcriptionists, ensuring all TATs are achieved and work is completed in the order of priority assigned to each transcriptionist. The DTS Voice Service will ensure Clients’ transcription departments transcribe faster and more efficiently. Most Clients realize productivity gains of over 25% utilization using the DTS platform.


RESULTS - DTS Clients appreciate our 99% quality rating and 98.8% on-time delivery of documentation. SECURITY - DTS delivers the highest technology and most secure platform in the industry - allowing Clients to focus on patient care. BUDGET-FRIENDLY - Assuring that your transcription and documentation costs come in UNDER budget and ON TIME, every time. EXPERIENCE – Our dedicated team delivers on time, every time and exceeds Client expectations. DTS is the premier market leader year after year. REPUTATION - Clients choose DTS for our unsurpassed service and Integrity - They refer new Clients because we exceed their expectations.