Legal Medicolegal

Maximize Billable Hours:

DTS enables lawyers to enter data into third party forms, create documents, including engagement and denial letters, and compose email and other critical documents. Our state-of-the-art speech recognition platform supports voice macros and snippets, enabling any user to pull from previously created portions of text or whole documents to create their desired end-product most effectively. It is also the most efficient and streamlined method by which attorneys can communicate with their clients, further ensuring that they are making the most of their billable time.


Our platform offers a flexible, web-based e-signature option for customers who wish to electronically sign documents. Lawyers, paralegals, or administrative assistants may sign on to the secure web portal from anywhere/anytime to access and review documents awaiting signature. Firms have the ability to configure system alerts to notify the attorney that important data is missing. Or, firms can choose to route jobs with missing data elements to an administrator or paralegal for review before they are sent to the attorney for signature. This alert system ensures only complete documents are distributed to the attorney or case file.

A Proven Solution:

The DTS platform allows attorneys to choose a document template before dictation. For example, if a memo is needed, that template is chosen at the beginning of the dictation. The use of templates is a time-saving feature for the transcriptionist, which increases productivity for all. The mobile device also allows the user to tag the job with a priority rating as well as critical routing information, such as the matter number and any additional instructions. The workflow feature allows the production of notifications to the attorney once the job has reached the transcriptionist, which gives the attorney confidence in knowing the job is being processed.

Mobile Accessibility:

DTS provides each attorney flexibility and solutions to utilize his or her preferred hardware. The platform allows your firm to restructure your support staff team into a centralized group that handles transcription more efficiently and responds to atypical support situations – something a conventional secretarial structure may not be able to do. For instance, litigators utilizing DTS transcription heavily during trial for such tasks as preparation of opening and closing statements and witness outlines after normal business hours can be confident that the finished product will have a swift turnaround time within a few hours. Utilizing the mobile application via Smart Phones or Tablets is an easy-to-use, streamlined point of access that enables attorneys on the go to complete work as they need to, instead of waiting to get back to the office. Customers may access the secure platform via a client application, installed locally, or via our web portal, making the platform accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

DTS offers a state-of-the-art legal transcription product suite that encompasses voice capture, speech recognition, distribution and e-signature applications for all of your secure documentation needs. Our platform is flexible, fully customizable, reliable and budget friendly.

Designed to handle high volumes and complex workflows that will give any size organization, from a solo practice to a multi-location firm, the efficiency and productivity gains required to compete in today’s competitive legal environment.

DTS is the right choice for modern law firms, courts, and legal entities. Time-tested for over a decade, our technology has built-in, user friendly documentation and management tools to improve efficiencies by centralizing common tasks that are often decentralized in many legacy systems. From workflow monitoring to statistics reporting, DTs meets all of your managerial, technical and documentation needs.


  •  IME Transcription – DTS specializes in IME transcription, and currently works for some of the largest IME providers in the nation. Our specialized team of IME Transcriptionists has extensive experience transcribing IME’s and have a thorough understanding of both sides of the medico-legal coin, as well as critical deadlines which must be met by IME Clients. DTS will guarantee to meet your fast turnaround times, minimum 99% accuracy requirements, and assure to abide by strict HIPAA and PIPEDA laws.
  • Worker’s Compensation – Due to increased volumes, cost and complexities of these cases in recent years, DTS has a team of transcriptionists and medicolegal editors at the ready, with extensive experience working in this fast-paced, demanding culture. Our state-of-the-art technology, which is always running at the industry’s most current and secure levels, ensures that not only will DTS meet your demanding turnaround times with over 99% accuracy, but confidentiality is always maintained with strict adherence to HIPAA and PIPEDA laws.
  • Malpractice Transcription – Because malpractice and negligence cases can span many years and thousands of pages of documents, DTS specializes in large scale projects, offering clients transcriptionists/editors specialized in both medical and legal terminology, the DTS state-of-the-art platform gives clients full access to secure files of records spanning vast periods of time, to ensure that all documents are available in an organized, easily accessible dossier.
  • Insurance Transcription – Because insurance claims can span an extensive period of time and involve thousands of pages of documents, DTS specializes in large scale projects, and has the state-of-the-art platform to give Clients full access to secure files of hundreds or thousands of records, maintained securely in an organized, easily accessible dossier. Our transcriptionists specialize in both medical and legal terminology, and have extensive experience working in the Insurance industry.
  • Investigations – Whether conducting field investigations or phone interviews, documentation and transcripts are critical. DTS has both the technology and a team of experts to make your job easier. Dictations and voice files sent to DTS are transcribed and returned in the desired electronic format accurately and timely.

RESULTS - DTS Clients appreciate our 99% quality rating and 98.8% on-time delivery of documentation. SECURITY - DTS delivers the highest technology and most secure platform in the industry - allowing Clients to focus on patient care. BUDGET-FRIENDLY - Assuring that your transcription and documentation costs come in UNDER budget and ON TIME, every time. EXPERIENCE – Our dedicated team delivers on time, every time and exceeds Client expectations. DTS is the premier market leader year after year. REPUTATION - Clients choose DTS for our unsurpassed service and Integrity - They refer new Clients because we exceed their expectations.