Spend less time on reporting and paperwork and more time on protecting and serving the public!

DTS provides your officers with the best weapon in the fight against paperwork! The demands of law enforcement jobs have ushered in the need for transcription as an essential tool for all types of law enforcement agencies. Stop having essential personnel waste valuable, costly time focusing on typing and preparing police reports. DTS makes it easy and cost-effective for law enforcement to outsource transcription needs.

Our Transcriptionists have an average of over 9 years of experience and are trained to transcribe every type of report.

Example of Reports Available:

Recorded Interviews

Any Type of Audio

Accident, Arrest & Traffic Reports

Witness, Victim, and Suspense Statements

Officer Reports & Case Notes 

Wire Taps

911 Recordings

Jail Call Recordings

Internal Affairs Investigations

Court Proceedings

Criminal Investigations

In-Custody & Patrol Reports

Fire Reports

Radio Communications

Suspect Interviews & Investigations

 Taped Interviews & Conversations

 Witness Statements

 Depositions & Court Proceedings


The DTS platform continuously upgrades to keep pace with latest technology. Today, police cruisers offer law enforcement professionals the ability to verbally dictate and record traffic accidents or violations as they occur or immediately thereafter. Officers in the field can carry handheld digital recording devices or use secure apps on smartphones to capture events while the officers’ thoughts are fresh, eliminating the need for recall later. Audio and video surveillance equipment has also gone digital. Officers can dictate their notes or reports much faster than writing or typing them. Help raise morale by eliminating long hours required to type reports, which will help lower employee burnout, overtime, and reduce new employee training costs. DTS allows you to get your officers and investigators out from behind their desks and back to the field where they belong.

DTS provides full visibility of the officers’ workflow throughout the entire process. After receiving the digital or analog video or audio file, DTS transcriptionists carefully listen to the source material and transcribe it verbatim. The document is then proofread by Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure a minimum of 99% accuracy is always maintained. The document is then returned to the client in the desired digital or hard copy format. Completed documents can be delivered in multiple digital formats as well as professional, printed documents.

DTS understands confidentiality is the highest priority when outsourcing any of your law enforcement transcription services. We follow all chain of custody rules and regulations and use only American transcriptionists to process your reports, and only transcriptionists outside of your state to transcribe the files, to avoid any conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality. Finished documents are archived indefinitely and securely by DTS in a Class IV Data Center Bunker, designated secure by the Department of Homeland Security. All data traffic and data at rest is fully encrypted and secure at all times.

DTS financially guarantees to meet all turnaround times and a minimum of 99% quality on completed reports, or you will not be billed for those reports. DTS puts your officers back on the street doing the job they were trained to do, while we do ours. Schedule a free ROI analysis, using your actual data, and a free trial today and let us demonstrate our impeccable quality, while showing you how to cut costs and save money by partnering with DTS!

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  • Create incident reports 3x faster and with greater efficiency and accuracy by dictating a report narrative vs. manually typing.
  • Make data entry and navigation within CAD/RMS systems or other applications easier by voice.
  • Reduce overtime, unnecessary desk time, travel time, and officer burnout, while increasing overall efficiency of your law enforcement and administrative staff.
  • Improve confidentiality and security for all sensitive documents with no in-house IT worries.
  • Ensure timely filing of incident reports to move criminal proceedings along and return time back to officers and the community.
  • Keep officers safer and more situationally aware by empowering them to conduct common tasks like license plate lookups simply by speaking.
  • Increase officer morale by freeing them up to keep the community safe vs. administrative duties.

RESULTS - DTS Clients appreciate our 99% quality rating and 98.8% on-time delivery of documentation. SECURITY - DTS delivers the highest technology and most secure platform in the industry - allowing Clients to focus on patient care. BUDGET-FRIENDLY - Assuring that your transcription and documentation costs come in UNDER budget and ON TIME, every time. EXPERIENCE – Our dedicated team delivers on time, every time and exceeds Client expectations. DTS is the premier market leader year after year. REPUTATION - Clients choose DTS for our unsurpassed service and Integrity - They refer new Clients because we exceed their expectations.