Digital Transcription Systems, Inc. (DTS) is a company committed to matching current technology with client needs… on the front and back ends of the process. Those companies that continuously upgrade their technological offerings to improve processes and efficiency are the ones that will migrate and grow with an industry. DTS is that type of company.


How many of your physicians are still carrying pagers? As we all know, pagers have given way to cell phones. In many cases, the same is true with older handheld devices. With the onset of the iPhone and Android dictation apps, speech/voice recognition software, and other wireless voice capture products, we have seen the beginning of a migration to more technologically advanced voice capture modalities. Wherever you are in that migratory process, DTS can provide you a solution that will meet your needs today, and grow with you tomorrow.


Whether you are a proponent of speech/voice recognition or not, we all see that technology and efficiency drive the industry, in an attempt to lower overall costs and improve the end results. DTS is dedicated to providing technological solutions that meet you where you are and move with you in the future.

Back Office

With the advent of increasing HIPAA and ARRA HITECH requirements, it is imperative that a service provider is able to demonstrate their compliance with the laws, protect your PHI, and ensure a guaranteed uptime service to meet your HIM needs. DTS utilizes and provides HIPAA and HITECH compliant systems, connects to your organization through secure LAN-to-LAN tunnels, and houses its backend systems in ultra-secure facilities. Our backend server networks are located in Oklahoma City, OK and Indianapolis, IN. Below you will see an example of one of the Tier 1 facilities. We take our data and security needs seriously, so you can rest assured we are able to deliver your work product without interruption.

1. Power

  • Dual Grid Power / Parallel Switching Gear / Wrap Around ATS
  • UPS: 1.6 Megawatts N+1 APC
  • Diesel Generators - (2) Megawatt Cummins Each With 24 Hour Day Tanks
  • 10,000 Gallon Extended Life Fuel Tank


  • Liebert CRAC Units - 390 Tons N+1
  • Liebert XD in-row cooling for high density areas (up to 30KW per rack)

3. Security

  • BioMetrics
  • Proximity Sensors/logging - All Entrances & Cabinets
  • Monitored Building Security
  • External cameras / Internal Cameras - 24x7 Digital Recording / DVR System

4. Connectivity

  • Multiple Gig-E connections from Tier 1 Backbone Providers
  • Self-Healing Fiber Ring Technology
  • Multiple Ingress/Egress
  • Virtually Unlimited Private Connectivity Options

5. Network

  • Multi-homed IP - Gig-E Connections
  • BGP4 Routing
  • VSS – Internal
  • High Availability Design - Multiple Routers and Switches - Private VLANs
  • Dual-path to Customer Equipment
  • Private VLAN Per Customer

Digital Transcription Systems, Inc. (DTS) offers a broad spectrum of dictation and transcription systems and services, from full in-house solutions to complete outsourcing, and everything in between. We provide a consultative approach to achieve the optimum solution to meet your needs, while minimizing your costs.

  • Dictation
  • Interfaces
  • Transcription
  • Support
  • and more