Providing Law Enforcement Customized Document Solution

Digital Transcription Systems (DTS) is excited to provide law enforcement clients our state-of-the-art transcription platform for law enforcement agencies. Our transcriptionists operate in dedicated teams assigned to clients, which yields higher familiarity with clients, higher quality and faster turnaround times. DTS offers clients financially guaranteed turnaround times and quality results. If the work is not returned on time with 99%+ quality, you will not pay for the work.
The DTS platform is flexible, fully customizable, reliable and proven, and budget friendly. With hundreds of deployments and thousands of users, our platform is the proven most reliable, scalable, technically advanced choice for a customized transcription solution. The platform currently supports more than 50,000 users nationwide, and over 250 million lines of transcription annually at over 300 hospitals and clinics, legal firms and law enforcement agencies throughout the USA

DTS Offers Service & Solutions

Secure cloud-based documentation platform designed to handle high volumes and workflows.

User-Friendly, Flexible Solution Designed to Streamline and Automate the Needs of Law Enforcement Agencies.

Easily Accessible Using Secure Internet Transactions – In the office or remotely from wherever/whenever.

Easy-to-use to ensure better adoption rates by your team. So simple to use, anyone can learn in just minutes.

Easy implementation and go-live ensures quicker ROI for your department.


DTS Offers Technology

Flexible Speech Recognition technology automatically trains in the background, adjusting to each officer’s voice style, inflections, accents, etc. when they start dictating, eliminating the need to train the software engine. Your staff simply dictates as they normally would, while the system learns their voice and style, making the adjustment to speech recognition simple and straightforward.

No restrictions on the number of people using the system, and no additional price, gives your staff full flexibility to have dictation capabilities anywhere they need it. You only pay for what you use.

Your choice of full or partial dictation – complete documents or only narrative portions – whatever is needed.


DTS Offers Security

The DTS platform data center housing, storage and host servers are in a Class V Data Center, designated secure by the Department of Homeland Security.

All Data Traffic and Data-at-Rest is Encrypted and Secure.

DTS utilizes all chain of custody rules and regulations and uses only American transcriptionists who reside outside of your state to complete the work to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain privacy.


DTS Offers State-of-the-Art Voice Capture System

Mobile Accessibility: Officers and Investigators can use a secure app on their iPad, iPhone, Android or other smartphone device for dictation on-the-go.

Officers/Investigators can dictate directly to the cloud using a toll-free number provided by DTS. Or, they may continue to use any existing system currently being utilized.

Upload dictation straight from a handheld to the cloud via any workstation with services provided by DTS.


DTS Reduces Costs

Ease of use by anyone helps ensure your staff’s adoption rates which equate to faster ROI’s and reduced costs for your department.

Transcription services provided by DTS cost less than the cost of having officers and investigators spend down time or overtime producing reports. Our team partners with you to put your officers and investigators back out on the streets doing their jobs, allowing you to protect and serve while we handle the less expensive documentation side of the job.

Learn how DTS can assist your department in meeting Reduction of Cost and Streamlined Reporting goals, while improving your reporting quality and turnaround times.