DTS Technology:

UtilizationOur platform is utilized by over 50,000 Providers at over 300 healthcare facilities throughout the USA.

The DTS platform has been successfully integrated with a number of leading EMR systems, including, but not limited to:

Allscripts, Athena, Centricity, Cerner, Co-Path, CPSI, eClinical Works, Epic, Healthland, HST Pathways, Logician, McKesson, Meditech, Nexgen, OnBase, Vitera, and several other “homegrown” EMR systems.

Flexibility– Flexible speech recognition offers an unprecedented unified back-end and front-end speech recognition technology, and requires no Provider training or change in dictation habits. Providers can choose to utilize front-end or back-end, or a combination of both. Each works on its own or seamlessly integrated together, for enhanced workflow and best solutions for your needs. Flexible workflow allows Clients to select the Providers and work-types that will be processed through speech recognition, giving Clients complete control over utilization. Whether using back-end, front-end or traditional transcription, DTS gives Providers the most efficient tools to complete the patient story without penalty of excessive pointing and clicking. Flexible advanced speech recognition technology automatically trains in the background, eliminating the need to train the engine.


Accessibility – Mobile Accessibility from anywhere! Providers choose iPads, Smartphones, telephony, handhelds, and a variety of other voice capture methods. Providers dictate using a toll free or local number provided by DTS. Or they can continue to use an existing system.


Robust – Our robust technology facilitates the fastest, most cost-effective creation of documents, allowing administration to view meaningful data and metrics to track performance and obtain data required by The Joint Commission. Over 100 reports available including TATs, work-type and Provider statistics, quality indicators, and other key metrics not offered by many other systems.


DTS Security and Compliance:

Data Center – Our platform data center, which houses the main storage and host servers, is rated Class V, meeting hardened data center requirements. It is able to sustain 200 MPH winds and is protected by both a primary and secondary distributed UPS system, as well as a backup generator. The center is served by five Internet carriers, offering redundancy and the ability to meet any and all bandwidth requirements. All data traffic and data-at-rest is encrypted and secure.


Compliance – Maintaining strict patient confidentiality, DTS provides encryption for all incoming and outgoing data, fully compliant with HIPAA/PIPEDA requirements. PHI is safeguarded at all times. Audits are conducted regularly for security compliance. Within the platform, all data is kept secure through user-defined restricted privileges. All records are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access via secure, embedded login credentials. Improved Meaningful Use Compliance: Provides the best of both worlds – Through its ability to integrate seamlessly with your EMR, dictation is completed via the platform and uploaded to the correct location in the patient’s EMR; Physicians appreciate flexible options to type, dictate, or both, making EMR’s far less intrusive and time-consuming.


Experience Integrating with EMR’s – A history of streamlined integrations with industry leading EMR’s has led to improved EMR adoption rates and faster ROI’s for healthcare facilities across the country.

Value-Added Documentation– Healthcare organizations are searching for value in documentation and patient data. The DTS process automatically populates data into your EMR to drive downstream processes, create efficiencies and reduce costs. These documents are distributed in the Clinical Documentation Architecture (CDA), an industry standard for structured data encoding and parsing.
BAA – All Clients are provided a BAA as required by federal and state regulations